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Welcome to Process :

WE Offer custom designed Shell&Tube Heat Exchanger for your specific needs and some of the most common application

Design [More]
Thermal and Mechanical Design :

We are dedicated to provide optimum design to suit your needs.Our design engineering team can evaluate existing designs as well as size new condition.

Fabrication [More]
Fabrication : ASME & TEMA Construction
ASME code and TEMA standards in metals of carbon steel, all types of stainless steel and copper alloys. We offer all types of shell and tube heat exchanger including fixed tubesheet, floating tubesheet type, the straight tube, U-tube type, and double tubesheet
Inspection & Testing [More]
Inspection and Testing : :

We can provide many method of inspection and testing for your Heat Exchanger as per your requirement Specification.

  •  Hydrostatic Testing , Pnuematic Testing
  •  Liquid Penetrant Testing (PT)
  •  Ultrasonic Testing (UT,UTM) 
  •  Magnetic Field Testing (MT)
  •  Radiographic Testing (RT)


Hydrostatic Testing , Pnuematic Testing

Dispatch [More]
Dispatch :

We prepare to delivery your order to site by ;

  •  Sealing and Packaging with plastic wrap
  •  Fill with nitrogen gas @ 1 Barg  *
  •  Secure by transportation truck
  •  Unloading to site area *
  •  Onsite Installation & Testing work *

* Up to scope of work and contract